Friday, 7 January 2011

Us Loners

Typical gong show at my grandmother’s home tonight for the Yugoslavian celebration of Christmas. Wonderful food - lots of it mixed with a plethora of alcohol consumption around the table. Raise a toast to a bunch of wild spirits in one room at one time and you have it – wham, bang, ding, dong it’s the goon show!
As a family we don’t come together often. But when our eyes meet, we pretty much pick up where we left. You know, the mutual admiration society. All the way round.
Sometime after the Alaskan King crab consumption, my Uncle (aka The Shack) concludes to the room that we’re a family of loners. He starts listing off the elders and where they ended up in their lives before they moved onto the next one. Alone, unmarried or widowed.
I confessed I don’t want to end up that way. A good bonking is always appreciated. Two marriages under my belt. I’m open to receiving more love. However, he got me thinking.
Society really does have us married off. Living together or what have you. We have children, raise them, send them off, retire, then we die. We’re programmed to be with someone.
But wait a second here, we are born alone. And when we die, we die alone.
So in the path of life as conditioned as we are to being with someone truly we do need to know how to function independently.
As us loners.

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