Saturday, 8 January 2011

Inside Out

Snakes do it. Humans do too. Not quite as drastically. Shedding skin that is.  
I got on this train of thought in contemplating inhibitions. Preconceived notions. Fear of what other people may think. That kind of thing.
As a teenager worried about my wardrobe my mother used to chime up with “What makes you think you’re so important everyone is going to look at you?”
Who trained our minds to worry about such nonsense in the first place?
We did of course.
But why?
In Uganda when you ask a child to dance there’s this natural rhythm that comes out. Expressions in their eyes even. No holding back. 
Ask an individual from our world, a perhaps more developed civilization and chances are they aren’t going to dance like no one is watching.
What’s up with that? Why do we instill a stigma of what other people may or may not think that perhaps stops us from being who we truly are?
To be who we are, we can’t be afraid to turn ourselves inside out.

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