Sunday, 9 January 2011

Life Cycles – The Movie

The venue was plush. I wasn’t expecting too much when I sat down in the seat for two with a holder for my coffee cup. But I was relaxed.
Once the grandiose HD Life Cycles movie began I had to resort to blindly writing my notes. I couldn’t dare take my eyes off the screen.
The narrator’s words immediately clung to my soul. Married with the high definition artistic portrayals of the manufacturing of a bicycle to start things off - I was completely captivated.
It was unimaginable for me that I could go to a bike movie – a bazillion of which I’ve seen on my son’s computer over the years – and be brought to groundswell of tears. How so?
There was a mingling of intensity shed on the story of life, sidelined with the great outdoors and of course a bicycle.
Human power. Capable of greater good.
The iconic pictures your mind dances with when the voice pitches in with “…mystery of what lay around the bend…” had me rattled. Honestly I got a rush.
“The bicycle our noblest of inventions…” okay.
I felt the rhythm. The visuals, the eye candy, the words, the music.
It all tugged at my heart strings. Truly a film with spirit.
Also purpose, flow, joy, interaction and instinct. It delivers balance. A bike and life. Intertwined with the sound of the chainsaw or the ching of a pedal to the medal. Take your pick. There’s the wheels of change. Construction, destruction then creation.
I loved the lines; “Bicycles are powered by the human motor,” and then the “Forces that aim to take it all away.”
What did I take away I think to myself as I amble out of the theatre with my son who claimed, “Awesome.”
It’s what I did today. I saw it, I felt it and I lived it.
Like the movie said - Life Cycles. It never ends.

N.B. Can hardly wait to own my own copy.

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