Saturday, 19 February 2011

Clock the Walk

Wink, wink – it’s gone. Back to almost Sunday and soon to be Monday. It scares me. Can’t it be Saturday one more day, please?
Gotta wonder why the weekends leap by so fast. Like a comet through the sky. Even faster then the morning coffee line-ups at the local Tim Hortons.
I mope about Saturday mornings on the bike. Rolling here and there. The luxury is in the time. Engulfed by the freedom of the space. Playing it up outside. In the grand outdoors. No rush to finish. Happy to carry on.
Till you think about the week - the clockin’ it wears thin. Give in to that Monday through Friday.
Be here then. Go there later. Get it done now. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Do it today. More to do the next day.
Come the weekends we have the count to enjoy. Ringing in the slow motion of the hour.
But why does it have to go so fast?
No time to stop and savour.
Do this, do that. Get caught up on this. Then that. See the fam damily. Hang with the friends. Wash the dishes, do the laundry. Walk the dog. Clean, vacuum. Empty the garbage.
Before we know it. It’s back. Time to start all over.
Back to clocking the walk.

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Mzungu said...

Kewl Jane.. very, very. Fingers crossed for you.