Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cycling Withdrawals

It’s not just cause I like having something in between my legs. It’s cause I LOVE the workout. The longer the roll the better. Getting back home knackered is what it’s all about especially on the weekends.
As I live floating in a small space, i.e. on a boat – the trainer and the vid don’t jive. Unless I ventured to some nearby indoor situation aka a gym.
Which I can’t. So now I hear about these indoor training vids called Sufferfest and man do I feel like I’m missing out.
Some say a few days off won’t hurt. Had an aerobics instructor in Toronto who blasted out the cardio moves. He’d declare at the end of the class for those that were still standing, something like – “You miss one day – nobody notices, you miss two days – you’ll notice, you miss three days – the audience notices…”
Can’t remember what he said or if he did about four.
Haven’t rolled since Tuesday. Now I know how they’re all feeling in Alberta with the worse then sub zero temps then we have here in Victoria (yyj) – a balmy -6 Celsius last night?
I’m complaining. Yes I am. I want daffodils and Robins to sing and wake me up. Not the screeching of ice against the side of the hull or the crackle underfoot as I waddle along the dock.
Get on with the spring and let me get on with my rolls!
Can’t cope anymore with these cycling withdrawals!!

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