Monday, 21 February 2011

That Sinking Feeling

Swimming was easy when I was a kid. We had the opportunity to swim often. Mum and dad would visit friends with pools. Kids swim, turn into prunes. Mom and dad enjoy the extended cocktail hour.
Occasionally there’d be some kid fighting. Someone would try sinking someone else… playfully. I’d get scared.
We’d talk it out and things would be fine. Then we’d go back to the fun.
Wish it could be that easy in the real world. The adult world that is. When things get tough. You get that sinking feeling. It’s scary. Lots of times there’s no way to talk it out.
That’s when I feel like ice cream. Soft ice cream. There’s nothing like it. It quells all fears. Heals all scars. Makes you forget anything bad. In those moments.
Yet, as fast as you can feel better – you can feel terrible again.
Perhaps it’s time for change. Certain luxuries no longer afforded. Like driving a new car. Nothing wrong with riding a bicycle!
It’s all in what we make of it. Like mum always said.
“Everything happens for a reason, you won’t realize it now, but you will later.”
Even when it comes to that sinking feeling.

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