Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Body Talk

Thought I did great last week with training. Managed THREE TripleShot Cycling Club road rides – those guys are super fast! That included Tuesday speed work, Wednesday hills and a Friday mix of 50km. 
By Saturday I rolled out with the usual gang, even though I’d eaten breakfast I felt toasted. Still geared up on Sunday and did a slow roll out to watch the Victoria Cycling Club’s road race.
Monday is “off” so I did my usual work thing with a perfect opportunity to pick a cycling coach’s brain on my training regime.
There were five roadies and one gym session last week. The gymer included core and some balance. When I echoed my achievements, the guru’s head shook.
“Three or four good rides a week will do,” he said. “The body needs to rest and regain.”
My alarm rang this morning at 5:15 a.m. I hit snooze and stretched my mind to believe I was OK to get up and ride.
But the body said no.
Throughout the day I felt guilt. I didn’t get up and roll. What is wrong with me?
I then reminded myself. I’d spent last week on antibiotics for a abscessed teeth. A root canal. An aftermath of yuck from the antibiotics. Unsolved toothaches and pain.
Finally, I forgave myself.
I shouldn’t beat myself up so much.
I was listening to my body talk.

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