Monday, 28 March 2011

Training for Life

Gotta love riding in a pack. The Peloton. When you’re at a pace that you can talk.
I’m introduced to a new guy over the weekend. It’s my fave weekly ride with the gang at the coolest (in my opinion) bike store in town. We’re grooving outbound. After the namesy introductions the dude starts telling me how interesting he finds it that they’re so many conversations going on. People have so much to talk about.
No stranger to a good yack I take it upon myself to initiate some dialogue out of him. We roll along in some silence. Then I pose the question.
“So what are you training for? Are you doing the Tour de Victoria?”
I know we’ve got triathletes and GranFondo types in the pack. I remember seeing him stretching before we left and thinking he looked pretty serious. His response was refreshing and a first that I’d heard.
“I’m training for life,” he said.
Wow. Brilliant. Great answer.
Sure many of us have goals for this race or that ride, whatever – but really all of it rolled up into one is we are training for LIFE!
During a post-ride coffee earlier in the week I’d engaged a topical on young athletes and motivational speaking. My thinking tangled up in what happens to an athlete when they retire or quit being pro? Inevitably do they end up being trained in motivational speaking?
One of the gals at the table, a once pro rower uttered some different angles into the conversation.
There’s no training out there for an athlete to stop being an athlete. Another wards, how to take care of themselves when they stop moving and become sedentary - or get fat.
Again I mulled over dude’s answer. The most important thing in a day. Exercise. Part of life.
It's the training for life. 

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