Sunday, 27 March 2011

Breeding Leaders

Problem is they’re not cropping up charismatic like they used to. The individuals that stand out. Spark a crowd. Ignite enthusiasm. To want to follow.
Not like a heard of sheep. Chins up. Proud. Proud to stand behind. You want to be a groupie.
Used to be there was core education, accompanied by rich culture – the spoken word. Debates. Physical activity. Live theatre. Mandatory conversations. The circles. Reading books. Playing the cello or the violin. Guess that was when life was a little slower to what we have today.
We’re in limbo land. Generally speaking, it seems to me we lack confident and compelling leadership. I firmly believe we, our home and native land – Canada – isn’t breeding them anymore. Or if we are, I’m not seeing them.
Which raises the question. Are leaders born leaders or are individual’s leadership skills developed post birth?
Before I hopped over to Wikipedia I surmised it was a bit of both. With the whole self-confidence thing taking centre stage.
Leaders stand on solid ground. Know who they are. What they are. What they stand for. Where they want to go. Who they want to go with.
We have them in our teachers. At our Universities. In our non-profit societies. But do we have them in our politics?
Are we breeding leaders?

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