Friday, 25 March 2011

What Next?

Watching a BBC News Reporter talk next to a nuclear power plant in Japan has me scratching my head.
I heard my son say powering our lives with nuclear makes good business sense. Now I’m shaking my head.
You don’t see poor fat people do you?
Not likely. They can’t afford the fast food, the dining out or the delivered pizza.
I’m pissed off. I don’t understand how man became so dysfunctional. We erupt to break things, can’t always fix them, then leave them pushing the blame elsewhere.
I really don’t understand.
Yes I shed love. Wherever I go. Honestly. But today, I’m feeling fed up.
What can I do?
Listening to the news, I hear of the extreme levels of radiation in our Pacific Ocean. My first thought is for the whales. Not the fish that we eat.
We all share the air. I remember declaring the first Fresh Air/Car Free Day in my fair city. It happened days after then President George W. Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement. What’s the point I immediately said to myself?
Here I am trying to herald a movement to generate interest in taking care of our air, yet on the southern half of the hemisphere, they don’t care.
Today the Canadian government is fired. Two days ago I received a telephone call. I was asked if there was an election if I would vote for the current Prime Minister.
I firmly shouted my answer into the receiver. Then click.
What next?

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