Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Ask an elder. Better yet, include an elder in your round table.
I call it brain bashing. Chances are the results will be better.
It occurred to me today, as I sat amongst talented minds and an abundance of positive creative energy that effectively, the more hands that go into making the pie, the better. Providing the parameters are set up in advance.
Given the competitiveness of the workplace today, striking the chord of creativity with an edge, plus activating it with awareness and implanting measureables for the return – constitutes a better plan. A no brainer.
Housing voices to input those requirements along the way makes “cents.”  There’s a lot of job descriptions with requirements to be part of the team. Does everyone know how?
Certain high school sports may of helped. Team sports like basketball and volleyball.
Today, it’s a mix of listening (very important) and appropriately timed and targeted input that can make the difference. But you’ve got to talk. To each other. By listening first.
It’s ineffective to me, if ones efforts aren’t shared. Things can only be made better with other points of view. Perception, as we know it, is different for everyone.
Collaboration. Collaboration is the key.

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