Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Light up Compassion

It’s as easy as opening the door for an elder.
Or passing on a smile to the person walking with their head down.
Day after day we see it. If we look. From the person at the check-out stand in the grocery store to the bus driver slowing down for the person who missed getting to their stop on time.
True. Not everyone knows.
But most of us have heard how we can Pay it Forward.
Over the weekend I stood in line at a movie theatre. Someone passed by and made an outward comment about remembering the coffee. I barked up not to forget the licorice. He stopped and asked which kind.
Upon his return I was handed a bag of red licorice. I offered some money - he said no. I opened the package and we passed it around. The friend I was with uttered out Pay it Forward.
It’s as simple as that.
Same with compassion. Towards another person and even an animal.
Whether in person, over a text message or by voice mail.
Compassion, sympathy, consideration, even empathy. In my mind what they boil down to is in one word. Kindness.
Kindness towards all who surround you.
Be kind tomorrow.
Light up your compassion.

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