Thursday, 17 March 2011

Love it Out

It’s what you say that counts. How you say it.
The universe listens.
From the heart. What you talk about goes out there.
Then it comes back.
Depends how much love you put into it, as to how strong the return will be.
I personally reflect a lot on the power of our minds.
Through sickness, in issues of drama, in days when all hope seems lost.
Daylight lingers longer. Our psyches adjust. Yet veins of our demise swirl in the news. What can we do? Are we doing enough?
Not unless, you send it out there.
Miracles happen. Circumstances unexplained. It can be done.
By sending love. Hope and love to the Universe. There’s power in the now. I believe it. Each hour and in every day. Try it.
If everyone in the world put out an ounce of love each hour, the dreams of today may unfold tomorrow.
We don’t know much about the “what ifs.” Yet in contemplating the hope, what can we do? We can speak now. Say it. Say it often.
Elevate the reason. Not to hasten the need.
To love and to be loved.
No more hindering hope.
We can love it out.

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