Saturday, 19 March 2011

The World Listens

It’s a snowball affect. Sooner or later when everyone knows. When it’s something of a devastation that is, people come together. All ages, every type. For the good of humanity. 
Needless to stay, the culmination of events over the last week in Japan is again – bringing the world together.
To be one.
Yet while the media blares despair at the same time stories of hope, confusion and unrest mounts elsewhere.  
What we see is what we get. Is it really what is?
Unspoken truths lay behind each scene. Do we really know the whole story?
While shaking with disbelief over nuclear waste threats, civil wars mount. Posed by fear, some of us sit back calm.
In concern, I worry. While we hear what happens, we seriously can’t say for sure what is. We’re not there.
I mount a prayer for peace. Every night before I go to sleep.
Do you?
Even now, as I sit here quietly. The boat rocks to and fro. I wonder. Why can’t we all live as one?
To be fair, our cultures separate us. Sure. I get that. But why, until now can’t we all exist with harmony? Do what most in the world are attempting to do now. To help those in need.
There’s a lot of talk about December 21, 2012. I speculate whether or not catastrophic events will culminate. Maybe that will be what the world needs.
For the world to listen. 

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