Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Management of Life

Life looks different today.
Last night I attended as a guest, the wrap-up of a Landmark Education Forum. I’m a sponge. Admittedly. Always open to experiencing more. Particularly in hearing other indivudal's points of view.
I entered with an open mind. What I saw and heard was incredible.
As I idled into the crowded room I was immediately embraced with an uplifting sense of peace. Like walking into the pure rays of the early morning sunshine. Everyone looked so beautiful. They sparkled.
In the back of my mind I wondered if maybe some kind of religious cult thing had gone on. Were they all brainwashed? How is it they all looked so incredibly striking?
It surprised me that I didn’t know anyone. Except for Trish, a participant who had extended the invitation to me.
Years ago I recall a girlfriend attending the weekend forum, in Toronto. Even now I envy her focus and determination. She runs her own company. Has followed her passion. With love and joy.
When Trish reached out to me with the impromptu invitation while we exchanged an emotional thread of conversation on life, something she said jumped out at me and made me say yes.
She had rounded out her abbreviated experience with branches of life’s growth, exemplifying for example, the motivation of getting out of bed in the morning. This is what immediately engulfed my spirit. In the last week bouncing out of bed was not happening for me. It had become an issue.
As I listened to the facilitator and individual testimonials I took notes.
“When you complete your past you begin your life,” illustrated the facilitator.
I sensed from the spoken words, the program had altered many people's picture of life.
Of the nine statements written on the white board, I picked three that struck me as relevant:
  • Power to make important decisions.
  • Ability to express yourself fully.
  • Happiness.
If you have the power to make important decisions, you have the ability to express yourself fully – you’ll be happy.
I even stood up and said it out loud.
When I left I jumbled on some of the key points. And summarized it all to myself: you can hear if you start to listen, when the head and heart come together, there is a world of possibilities. Only actions cause results.
Moving forward, this is the management of life.
Life looks so different to me today.

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