Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Time Snails

“I need to go!” I jerked into the phone frantically.
Perhaps it has been said. Time moves slowly.
In a manner of speaking - maybe for some.
But when it comes to strategizing an allotment for here and there, doing this and doing that. Not so.
There’s never enough.
Maybe eliminate the shuteye? Seven hours required for full-on focus daylight hours. For me anyway!
So where?
True enough, we do with what we have. Yet, an overabundance of commitments can’t always justify existence. Wondering out loud. Hope to cope?
Cut back. Do a good job of what you know you can with the time you have.
P.S. No self-procrastination allowed.
Dial up the to-dos. Get it done. Then move on.
Somehow in my mind, I feel so much pressure. No matter what. It’s like I’m zapped with “GET IT DONE NOW!”
Until today, I twirl around with that connotation. To be reminded not to forget the important stuff. Like the dream. To speak clearly. To speak slowly. To slow down, sit down and shut down. To allow myself to be.  
And to instead say, “I should get going soon,” rather then “I need to go!”
By allowing the time to snail.

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