Thursday, 10 March 2011

No One Understands

Ghostbusters aren’t around. Who do you call? To pick you up, when you’re feeling down.
The dog certainly won’t talk back.
As quickly as a cloud can cover the rays of the sun, the mind and heart can swing. Down. Down to the bottom of the bowl. The pits - where the cherries sit. On top.
Hold hands with those feelings. Walk beside them. Don’t leave them alone. Carry the reason. Harbour the state. Let it flourish, stagnant or die. Let it leave you, when it’s ready.
In a situation where emptiness uptakes joy, what’s the best thing you can do?
Widespread medical practices are to medicate. Alternatives include meditation, yoga, fresh air, exercise, reaching out to friends and family. Talking it out.
Today I learned of a mother whose daughter attempted to end her life. Immediately she was medicated. Both of which came as shocking news to me. Sad. Yet true.
A future shattered. Images of what one’s future may hold – cancelled. Why?
In an event unknown to anyone, things can change. The winds can blow that cloud away. The warmth from the beams in the sky can lift that spirit. To rise again.
The grin from cheek to cheek can open the heart. To love, to find joy, to feel freedom. Leaving behind the old feelings.
The ones, that no one understands.

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