Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What About Men?

It was early. We’d just dialed in the grunt and groans for the hill climbs. Wednesday’s is hills with the TripleShots Pre-Dawn Coffee Destination Cycling Club. We start at 6 a.m.
The club may have started out drinking triple shots, but these days we're down to Americanos. There’s a few of us. Today a couple for coffee. Women that is. It’s predominantly men that roll in the club. 
It was during the spreading out of the coffees when I first heard the grumbling.
“What about an International Men’s Day?”
I replied with “There should be.”
Honestly though, I’d never thought about that. Until I Googled it. Sure enough there is one! International Men's Day is on November 19th. It’s been going just over ten years while International Women’s Day has been celebrated for 100 years.
Does this say the outspoken views of gender imbalance are coming together?
Men are different to women. Each of us do things differently. That's for sure.
Before my teens, my father worked hard and my mum stayed at home taking care of us kids and making sure there was always a beautiful romantic dinner every night for dear dad.
He was deserving.
Not like that today in most households. Women work. So do men. Maybe household chores are shared. Yet, is there time in life nowadays for the candlelight and wine?
What about taking care of the men?


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Daniel Craig for International Women's Day. I posted that as my link in my International Women's Day post two days ago. Brilliant messaging!

Anonymous said...

International Men's Day Wwebsite-

I had no idea!