Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Women’s Day and You

How is that men are viewed to be more powerful then women?
Why do men in most cases, get paid more then women?
When did it become OK for a man to hit a woman?
Who said a women’s work is never done?
What have we (women) become today and where are we going?
Does society bemoan the truth of the dictatorship. Who really rules the world? Is it a man or is it a woman?
It’s been said, behind every great man… there is a woman.
Yet, our mindset views an imbalance. Zapped through history, the women’s place has been in the home. Barefoot and pregnant.
In a conversation I had yesterday, my African man told me it was Women’s Day in Uganda. (Yes, they’re a day ahead of us.)
He said he would do all the cleaning and all the cooking for me. If I was there.
So that’s what’s expected of our inherited place in societies? That we be the ones responsible for the cooking and the cleaning. I suppose so. Maybe we do a better job? Or maybe we can handle more responsibilities.
In the results driven world of today. Who can accomplish more in one day? A man or a woman?
What does it mean to you?

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