Monday, 7 March 2011

Tuned Into Training

Power in the legs. First time ever. Felt good!
The dudes still led the way. Strong like ox legs pedaled it out. I took his draft at the first little incline. Lasting half way. Better then my norm. I gave out the “Wahhhh” when I dropped off.
Was good to be in the groove for a bit anyway.
“I did something different today,” I pant out to one of the dudes as we continued along.
“Oh yeah, what’s that?” he replied.
“I ate breakfast.”
This conversation happened before the major long hill grunt. I have to say I was feeling surprisingly perky. A first given what we’d already ridden.
I managed to take a lead in the windy parts. Started to think maybe they all still had snow legs. We’d all been out of regular routine for at least 10 days with the weather.
I battered it out anyway. Made it to the top third in line. Personal best ever! Even the guys looked shocked.
“You should eat breakfast more often,” gasps Warren as he pulls up BEHIND me.
Yup, I was strong.
That was Saturday.
I take Sunday for the big hills. Me, the IPod, the country roads, the deer, the wind, the rain and this Sunday – some hail. It bites you when you’re rolling down a hill at speed.
Had to say as the heart rate rose and the sweat formed, the intensity of my cadence remained unexpectedly consistent.
Could it be the body is now, dare I say it – tuned into training!

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