Saturday, 30 April 2011

Activating Flab For Flood

Last year over the course of five months I lost 27 pounds. It felt AMAZING!
But it wasn’t easy. And I didn’t do it alone. I conceded to assistance from Weight Watchers.
The principals for losing weight are pretty simple:

  • East less
  • Move more
It’s ironic isn’t it that people that want to loose weight and can’t do it alone (like me), pay money to get help to do it.
Meanwhile, half the world is starving while the other half (or more) remains overweight.
Posted in my galley is a Micro Movement Wheel of Delight. In the centre (the objective) it reads: Increased Income Using My Creativity.
Earlier today a pal stopped to check it out and asked me about all the segment projects I’ve got percolating.
Once I’d done the ramble he concluded Flab For Food caught his attention the most.
Later in the day I zoom off to TEDxJuandeFuca. During an intermission I meet an inspiration. He tells me what he’s doing to make a difference to humanity globally. I start my pre-amble on my Flab For Food embryo.
My intention being: for every pound of flab lost, a pound of grain gained for a developing country OR a community in need.
Instant positive feedback. He suggests aligning with a grain producer. Tapping into all the fitness clubs.
The logistics side of my brain is still trying to figure out how to activate it. I pitch it to him and he says to talk about it.
Here I am. Figuring I can once again reach out to my readers.
How would you activate Flab For Food?
All input, ideas and suggestions are appreciated.
Jane Victoria King

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