Thursday, 28 April 2011

It’s GO Time!

Ryder Hesjedal speaks to local media in Victoria today.
What a team! For a first year event I’m amazed daily at how things jive. Timing perfected. I'm talking about THE Ryder Hesjedal's Tour de Victoria happening May 28, 2011.
In a moment of hesitation I looked up today to ask a question. It had been a wacky morning. Ryder himself had rolled into town for a brief injection of his spirit. Breathing in motivating moments with the media. A chat on the event. What it has become. A shout-out for volunteers. With a thank you to sponsors.
I needed to confirm a small detail with Tour Director and Olympian himself, Seamus McGrath. We’re in our office at Parkside Resort and Spa. One of our founding sponsors.
Seamo, as he’s known to long-timers, starts an unprecedented ramble on how good a team we’ve got. There’s something for everyone and each individual’s skill fits the pie. Perfectly. Remarkable - truly for a first year event.
I have to concur. It’s what is. And it’s working.
Must be synchronicity.
And timing. The time is so right for something this big in cycling to happen on Vancouver Island. 
Yup! It’s GO time!
Will you be joining us?
Lucky me to have the opportunity to work with such a fabulous team on this the inaugural event. We're expecting up to 1,500 riders this year to enjoy the wonderland of Southern Vancouver Island's epic cycling roads. For more information roll on over to Ryder Hesjedal's Tour de Victoria 
P.S. I really hope you'll ride or volunteer with us!

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