Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hard Work and Power

Straddled the road bike tonight. It’s about time. Putting work before training till today. Hump day. Gotta leave the screen. Dial in on the day.
Been great as I’ve found an inspiring young gal to pedal with. Super supportive of my Lantern Rouge positioning. Always encouraging.
We blast out after 5 p.m. My heart rate’s already revved. I try and hold a breathless conversation. Manage barely to keep pace. Till we attack the killers. Hills that is.
Glenowyn cheerfully rolls back to tag me. I then advise of a plan to meet-up after the big one. Give her some more mileage! Maybe a little recovery for me... (Here’s hoping!)
I’m 3/4s the way up Mr. Big. She rolls down. I nail the thumbs up without dragging too much.
Keeping the happy heart rate (as Glenowyn would say) I conquer too.
Rolling down is fun. You realize how far you’ve climbed.
It’s really over before you know it.
In my own zone I carry on till I see her ahead of me. She’s already done one loop! I pick it up and roll through to our meet-up but within minutes she’s back!
Given our different levels of fitness we worked a pretty good tag team. She got her pace and a little more.
Although there was a few times on the way home where she had to steady up for me. Honestly, I was SO grateful.
As we sped home on the last leg I reminded myself by telling Glenowyn the same.
“Every step and strain you take today is an investment in tomorrow morning’s strength.”
The hard work will give you power.
Being lazy will make you a slave.

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