Thursday, 7 April 2011

The World is Wacked

It’s April. Spring. Supposedly.
In Victoria we awake to frost. Birds sing. The cool crisp air resonates winter. Yet again.
The radio DJs suggest pulling out the winter coats. Last night I pulled out the hot water bottle.
On route to the first meeting of the day, another traumatic announcement for Japan. Aftershocks again. Another Tsunami warning.
Zip, zap. It was only last month. Once more. The crust is shaking. What next?
Earlier in the week I met with a fellow who works for a local water company. What’s new in business I asked?
He told me about the need for the storage of Emergency Water.
Should an incidence occur where we’re cut off, are you stocked up?
Not only that. With the on-going threat of radiation contaminating water supplies – will what we have be safe?
In shame I contemplate mankind. What have we done?
It’s not mother earth. She takes care of us. It’s what we’ve done to her.
Heightened Global Climate Change awareness doesn’t seem to dial into the big guys. Problem is, it’s what we did thirty years ago that is what is affecting us now.
I’m no expert. I listen the ones that are.
The world is wacked.

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