Saturday, 9 April 2011

One Body One Life

It’s pretty usual for a Saturday that I should struggle to get out of the sack. Just cause. The week flies by and those early morning ride grinds put me into sleep deprivation.
I look forward to Saturday’s cause it’s an 8:30 a.m. start. How very civilized.
Even though, snooze gets smacked till there is no chance. Once I swing into gear I’m fine. Except I’m eating the oatmeal while I’m walking the dog.
New people are showing up these days with the Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour de Victoria on the horizon. More women, which is great!
My body is toasted today. I did a grind on Wednesday night and yesterday morning with the TripleShots. They should really change their name to UberShots. They’re super fast. Super fit.
The sweet thing about Saturday’s ride is the social at the bike shop afterwards. Coffee and good mingling.
Cycling is awesome for fitness, but it's only one thing and if you’re not doing anything else, certain things in the body (mine at least) wear, e.g. the hip flexors.
Last week it was the bike. I’d worn out my rubber. So I had to get new tread. The week before it was the brakes. Proof I’m putting in the time.
Back in the fall I remember a ride where we’d had a new gal join in. She wasn’t dialed on the peloton riding or drafting. She got dropped, and so did I so I tried to pick her up. When she admitted she wasn’t in the know I showed her how and she got right into the groove. So much in fact, the weeks that followed I couldn’t keep up to her.
Turned out she’d been a rower. Now a personal trainer.
Anyway, she drops in for the post-ride social with cookies. We start yakking about the strength training conditioning that ideally should go along with. I bail on the talk. Bottom line. The choice - pay the mortgage or walk the talk.
She turns to me as I’m leaving and says it right.
“Gotta take care of your body, you’ve got it for life.”
She’s so right. Sign me up.

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