Monday, 11 April 2011

Home Office Life

Perception is jumbled. 
“You work from home?”
Might as well say, “You work in your pajamas and you don’t brush your hair.”
Feels like I work too much when I work from home.
Get up, walk the dog, make breakfast, eat it - but even BEFORE all that the computer is turned on. Ready to chime in on the plethora of what happened last night that I didn’t already answer on the Blackberry whilst squeaking out the sleep.
The food is scoffed while the news is read and the coffee is slurped. Like the start of a 100 meter dash – I’m off!
The land line rings while the Smart Phone vibrates. The two rings cross. Yup, that’s my life today.
I talk on the phone. I talk to myself (email). The lists get longer. The dishes pile up. The dog whines.
Out for a walk. A token of fresh air. It’s already 4 p.m. What happened to today?

Advantages to working a day at home:
  • Don’t have to drive.
  • Save fuel and a bit for the environment.
  • More time to work – no travel time.

Disadvantages to working a day at home:
  • You only see yourself (and the dog).

That’ll be the home office life.


Angela Hemming said...

That's my life lately too. See you at lunch!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Yes! When we LEAVE the Home Office! Yeah!