Saturday, 2 April 2011

In the Zone

View of Fiscard Lighthouse from Esquimalt Lagoon
Knew where I was going before I went to sleep last night. But ignored the alarm when it sounded off.
Didn’t matter the hour. It’s the weekend right?
For the first time in a while I had a chance to pump my road bike tires up in daylight. Usually I’m rolling away in the dark and pumping with the headlights.
Wahzoo. There was a lotta wear and some real wows in my tread. Yep. Been putting the mileage on. Guess I was due.
It was later then usual when I got pedaling. The spring rains gushed down on me. I strolled the Galloping Goose to Ocean Boulevard and ducked down to Esquimalt Lagoon. Holy headwinds, crosswinds – crazy wind! Speed was idled down a notch.
I was destined for some more hill work. I reckoned since I hadn’t ridden since Wednesday night I better build and be mean.
The speedometer pegged me as slower then my roll-out with Glenowyn on Wednesday night. She is fast. My legs were fresh then. Good thing.
I dial in the roadies by myself with my IPod. By the two-hour mark I’m feeling it. Banana gone. Elevate Me consumed. Down to the electrolytes. I zone in on the tunes to keep myself from bonking.
Suddenly my script plays out to the song by Loreena McKennitt Seeds of Love
I’m rolling over a bridge with the wind at my back, the sun on my neck and the ocean on my right. The winds are lashing up the sea to the shores with the illuminated Fiscard Lighthouse in the background. 
What a moment. 
I express gratitude for my health, for where I am. For the now.
Totally in the zone.

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