Monday, 4 April 2011

Revised Optimism

It may be something that was heard. It could be an image you saw or maybe even read. It might have been a juxtaposition of your conscious and your subconscious.
Somehow, something tweaked your inners to look in another way. To feel differently.
For me, it can be as simple as changing my thought pattern. Like peeling away the layer of an onion. Digging into the juice. Making the eyes water.
A matter of choice. An awakening of the senses.
Yet, so often we allow ourselves to sink. Morbid self-pity or possibly the unlikely sealing on the envelope. The icing on the cake. Like closing a door, forgetting another one will open.
Had an interesting conversation with a cousin of mine who is living in East Los Angeles. The question posed by my Uncle sitting next to him was articulated at the economy and whether the feelings of doom and gloom resonated amongst the population.
Interesting, he explains there’s been a bounce-back. No looking back. Forward thinking. A gain of elevation in the promise for the future.
As I sit fixated I think about what is for so many. Riddled with debt. An income that can’t justify it. Hard choices. What do we give up next?
Reinvention. Do things differently.
While we have what we have, and we may not necessarily know where we’re going – at least if we can tag it with something. We’re fueled with hope.
If we tag it with a revised optimism.

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