Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nag, Nag, Nag – Ouch!

Before you know it’s an Ouchy! Denial sets in. It’s no use.
I finally admit to it. I need help. Not like I wasn’t warned. See One Body One Life.
Apparently too much cardiovascular exercise can slow your metabolism and eat away lean muscle. In comes the savour, strength conditioning. Yup. True story. I’d already decided I would sign-up.
In typical me fashion I take my dilemma to the experts. PISE.
First up an evaluation. What am I doing, what are my goals, how to get there?
Then I’m off for the body’s assessment. The Biomechanical Assessment.
Tempted to put it off for another day as I’m told I have to wait 30 minutes. Then the nag, nag, nag ignites. I stay put.
My assessor starts with the right side after an upright bend forwards and backwards looksy.
On my back it’s the leg up and the hip circles. I claim hip flexor anxiety due to the intensity of cycling I’ve been cruising with.
Not more then a few seconds in there’s a perplexed look on her face. Not good.
On my stomach she manipulates. Big ouches. It’s the CI joint she claims. The butt, the flexors, the core all in some way are connected.
That’s the right side.
While we’re there she asks me again about the calf/Achilles issues on the left side. Light touches shriek more ouches.
Conclusion. It’d be a good idea if I underwent some treatments.
We waltz into the training area. She’s masked together two tennis balls. I’m showed the calf drills. Three versions. Two tennis balls, a racquet ball and a rolling stick.
Then it’s onto the right side CI (lower back) and butt. Rolls on the wall with the racquet ball. Then the round hard foam. Wow.
It hurt. But I have to say I felt better as I walked out. Although I was warned before I left to hold off on going hard till things settled down a bit.
Looking forward to working it though I have to say.
So there’s no more nag, nag, nag – OUCH!

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