Monday, 25 April 2011

People, Purpose & Power! The Awesome Shit Club Pitch

Pretty stoked to have the opportunity to pitch to The Awesome Shit Club on Wednesday evening. I'll be one of ten individuals.

Thank you to all the wonderful readers of my blog for all the support so far. For the many of you who have viewed the Vision Board and commented I super appreciate it.

Do let me know if you are interested in being part of this project or if you have further ideas for activating a successful People, Purpose and Power! Here's what I'll be pitching:

The Awesome Shit About People, Purpose and Power!

The vision for People, Purpose and Power! is global. A multi-media exhibit planned to launch on or near December 21, 2012 coinciding with the Mayan calendar’s juxtaposed version of a possible shift in the future of the World.

People, Purpose and Power’s! objective is to photograph individuals on the streets of both developed and developing countries, at the same time asking them their wish for the World.

The individual’s photograph would be printed on the spot with their wish for the World. A copy would then go to the individual and another copy would form part of a streetscape for passerby’s to view.

The idea being to put out a conscious shift of awareness for the future of the World using photography and multi-media.

At night the image of the person will be transposed onto the side of a building with their wish for the World flashed up beside them.

Again, putting out these thoughts to the Universe to develop a conscious shift of awareness for the future of the World.

About Me, A Fresh Thinker aka Jane Victoria King

A recent visit to Uganda had me blogging about the hope of the people there. I wanted to steer away from the doom and the gloom so I would ask first their wish for Uganda and then their wish for the World. I didn’t always get peace as the answer for their wish for the World.

See Uganda Wishes for all the posts – (search Uganda Wishes).

Some individuals didn’t want their picture taken. Many did. And many asked for copies of their images. In developing countries, the resources are much more limited.

I see People, Purpose and Power! as an extension to Uganda Wishes with a broader focus to the World.

My vision is to set up a web site to engage the World to light up with this idea. Like Band Aid – broadcast this Worldwide leading up to December 21, 2012 and thereafter.

Funding is required to source multi-media expertise through on-line development as well as establish a model for People, Purpose and Power on the ground. Victoria, BC would be first!

The Other Awesome Shit About Me

I’m A Fresh Thinker with a dream of making a difference in the World through pictures, words, multi-media and the power of the Internet. I’ve been doing it now for almost 20 years.

You can review a lot about my past history at Linked In.

I appreciate the opportunity for the Awesome Shit Club to review this proposal and would be grateful for the support and engagement of the Awesome Shit Club in pursuing the vision of People, Purpose and Power! to the World.

You too would make a difference!

Most sincerely,
Jane Victoria King
A Fresh Thinker

Vision Board for People, Purpose and Power!

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