Sunday, 24 April 2011

Soulful Restoration

We all need it. Quiet time. Down time. Time to do nothing. Time to be.
To be quiet. To listen. To hear the heart speak.
Some say mediation. Others think bliss. My mind says nothing. Pay attention to the beat.
Shut off the music. Close down the mind. Let the thoughts wander. Feel. Be. Enjoy.
I contemplate the clock. But ignore all haste. Overpower the brain. With peace.
Savour these moments. Like the picture of rain drops filling up a puddle. Mesmerize the glee. Sooth the flow of the know. Erase the pace of the now. Let the brain scan what it likes.
Slow down. Sit down. Shut down.
Turn the light switch off. Throw the anchor out.
Be one with your soul.
Allow for it.
A soulful restoration.

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