Friday, 20 May 2011

Born Alone Die Alone

Told this to my son recently.
He’s thinking about grooving away from the roots. So he should. But tagging along with the girlfriend. I told him to live his life as he should. Not to get wrapped up. Dependency won’t get you independence.
No matter. He’ll do what he wants anyway.
This morning I wake up alone and sing to myself, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!”
Yup, I’d spent the last year thinking I was what I am today so I was relieved to realize I didn’t really gain a year.
Off I tootled for my pre-dawn roll (bike ride).
Waffled at the roll-out, whether I was going to ride with the B’s or the C’s. Technically I’m a B- so I ended up between - ironically.
I couldn’t quite catch the pack of B’s in my hesitation and then I hit the red light.
As I rolled through the country roads catching glimpses of the dew shining in the early morning light I thought to myself, perfect way to start the birthday.
You’re born alone. You die alone.
Nothing wrong with being alone.

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