Friday, 26 August 2016

A Passion Flower Awakes

It reminds me of a kiwi. Cut up. Its particular depth is integrated on the inside with tiny blue threads linking it together. All within an envelope of pedals. The vine that carries it climbs. 

Lunch in the patio garden was a farm fresh salad, literally picked before us with fresh basil and baked salmon.

We ate in contemplated silence.

“I wanted the Passion Flower to open for you,” Mum said staring in the distance.

I glanced to the deck’s divider wall. A friend and neighbour lives on the other side. A sign reads: “Welcome to Alice’s Garden, Nurturing God’s Creation.” It hung faded and weathered. The wood aged with time. The words stuck on in a fancy font were green and blended with the surrounding foliage. Dad had had the sign made custom for mum on her birthday years ago. It was smothered with hanging greens. Underneath it, the trestle of leaves. Parent to the Passion Flower.

Below that, pots of glorious herbs.  Oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, parsley. All robust and ripe for the picking.

Mum’s garden is elegant. Adult in growth. The roses pinch through, pinks, oranges and yellow. Small concrete cast ornaments nestle in a home amongst the flowering. While I feel so inept to recall all of their names, the many plants that flourish grace in colour. Regal in texture. Everything has found its place together.

Alice's wonderful patio garden. 
We piled the now clear dishes into the basket. Bound for the kitchen. With time to idle, we basked in the glory of this wondrous patio garden. Private, quaint and ever so beautiful.

Like my mum. I’ve never seen her without lipstick. Wherever she goes the lips lead. Pink or red. Following by further dashes of colour in whatever wardrobe she chose for the day.

The sun was hot. While we shaded under the umbrella, the afternoon sun and its heat began to seep through.

All of a sudden mum pointed her finger.

“Look!” She glares over to me with her mouth wide open. Disbelief reads her face. “The Passion Flower!

It’s true. There it was. Opening up to it’s new day.

Look closely to see the one pedal, yet to open.
“Can you believe it?” she said again.

I crept close to get a picture. One of its pedal’s still asleep. I took a picture anyway.

Then mum came over. As if a child in a candy store she stood in front of it and leaned in to get closer. As she did the final pedal awakened to a complete and alive Passion Flower!

Ready for it's new day.
Mum had asked for it! Was it the power of her mind? Was it the sun caressing its new day? Who’s to know for sure. What I believe, and this I know to be true. If you don’t ask for what you want, may never get it.

As is so true today, the universe conspires to help to those who dare to ask.

Welcome to Alice's Garden. Nurturing God's Creation.

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