Monday, 3 November 2014

Because I See

In life we are reminded of things. People. Places we’ve been. Emotions we’ve felt. Achievements.
Often, pictures tell these stories. 
A search back can reveal a lot about us. Our life. Our lives.
Yet, to replay one’s take on this or that, therein lies the question. Why do we do that if we are to live in the now?
Be now. Be present. Heard by many. Spoken in tongue by today’s thought leaders. 
Along with stopping the irresistible temptations to compare ourselves to others. Constantly. Comparing achievements.
Where does it get us? If we contemplate who we are too much, we come to realise like the sand on a beach, it’s imprints will wash away with each high tide. We are all different. Each with our own uniqueness.
If I were to get up now and walk away, would I feel this way?
Intuition guides me. Does it you?
I set the timer. I am writing.

Today is different to tomorrow. How we feel now, isn’t going to be how we feel in the days to come.
Achievements to each of us may or may not charter a course. A goal, perhaps. Although a magnitude earthquake could change everything. Like the throttle on a train. If it fails to take the turn and keeps on going.
Illustrations in our minds of the characters we play in today’s spirit shell – etch our path to eternity.
There’s a novel in me I know. But how do I start it?
By writing, something, anything. 
So here I go.
Because, I am so grateful - I can see.


Raymond Parker said...

Your post is timely.


I've been struggling with this a lot lately, especially in light of developing a new website/blog focussed, so to speak, on my photography.

Why so tough? I think it's because, literally, I've invested the greatest part of my life and persona in the pursuit.

Like you, I love the technical and creative aspects of cameras and the images produced. Learning to create dispassionately, openly, is the hard part.

It's What I Like to DO said...

Absolutely. We need to DO DO DO!
Get to it! (without judgement, even if it's five minutes worth...)