Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Healing Journey

When I saw Shelley cross her legs in the yoga position on a comfy big wing back chair I immediately thought, “I can hardly wait till I can do that again!”
Oddly it’s something I’ve been missing. I guess I used to do it a lot.
Sleeping was hard. By 4:30am I was able to make my way to my right side (the good side) with a pillow between the legs. The clavicle didn’t love it. But I managed a few solid hours of sleep.
Fits of crying seem to erupt when I’ve walked too far and the pain measures up. Although today I managed a full day sitting up and working at my computer. For that I was proud.
I’m taking smaller doses of morphine for pain management.
But the real break though was crawling into bed at 6pm. I was able to cross legs at my ankles!
A pelvis does a lot I’ve realized. Having two fractures is painful. But each moment seems to get better. Although it will be a while before I’m running again.
I remembered awaking to the feeling of the bike sliding underneath me. I shook it off.
Never again!
The healing journey has begun.
Back in the saddle in no time!

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Janice said...

Oh Jane I am so sad to hear of your accident. Take care of yourself and give your body time to heal. Damn railway tracks - right up there with cow cross guards. Thinking of you and sending "healing" thoughts your way.