Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Healing Received

Some people can see things others don’t.
Like Chakras.
It’s an unfamiliar language to many.
I know when I first heard the speak.
After a devastating separation, a close friend asked me to close my eyes. What colour did I see she asked?
It was black.
Not surprising given my state of mind.
It should be purple.
Soon after I received my first Reiki healing. My pain was obvious.
In the heart.
Many use the gift of their hands for healing, using the power of the Universe.
Tonight I was fortunate to have my good neighbour and friend, Tara visit me.
I was comfortable and open to receiving.
As her hands waved across my body she easily picked up my pain and blockages.
No surprise given nine days ago I’d fractured my pelvis in two places, along with my clavicle.
Throughout the healing I could feel tension in my body releasing. At one point my four fingers on my right side sharply raised up in the air. Like a policeman telling you to stop at a crosswalk.
Pinks, purples and blacks swirled as her hands moved to different areas of my body.
She sensed muscle strain and some fear.
I felt a wider pathway to healing received.
For that I am so grateful.

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