Thursday, 2 June 2011

That’s Enough!

Comfort in food. I know it. Who doesn’t?
My challenge, given my healing path (fractured pelvis and clavicle) doesn’t involve cardio or weights.
Not much really.
Kegels. Thigh pinchers. Calf raises.
About what I can manage.
Now for the calorie count!
I count out the almonds for breakfast. Bookended with some fruit.
Waddle through the day chanting “Low fat, no fat!”
Tonight, the family angel descends with low-fat (brownie points) pita chips and… (don’t want to know the fat content) dip.  Yummy dip.
Needless to say I indulge. I savour. I delight.
The call already went out earlier in the day for frozen yogurt (chocolate).
Heave ho there I go. All gone!
But missy Lorraine had some wise words before she left me to my own devices.
Some therapeutic teachings. A visualization with the end result being to tell yourself, “That’s enough.”
No getting up for more. Settle in for the sighs.
Enough is enough.
Haven’t got the frozen yogurt yet. Am promising to practice telling myself before I reach the bottom of the container.
“Yup, that there my dear is enough!”


Raymond Parker said...

Wow! Just caught up with your crash story. Bad news!

Best wishes for your recovery. I'm on a long road myself, after a serious accident, 2 years ago.

Stay focussed and treat physio like new training regimen.


A Fresh Thinker said...

Not enjoying the physio - doesn't raise my heart rate OR make me sweat!!!