Monday, 9 May 2011

No Pain No Gain

Didn’t get a ride in yesterday so I decide to roll out to Western Speedway to watch the TripleShots PreDawn Cycling Club’s beginner’s race series. Give the Club some support.
Got there just in time to try out a warm-up lap with the pack. That was fun!
Then they’re off. 15 laps to go.
Not good at sitting around and doing nothing I decide to take on the position of cheerleader.
The pack soon divides. I make sure I’ve got a cheer in for everyone.
It’s exciting I have to say. A real mix of talents rolling around in circles. Some serious. Others just hanging on.
Rolling into the last few laps I hear an experienced rider, clearly coaching up to a young’in say the funniest thing.
“Dig down into that suitcase of pain!” he screeches down to him. He seemed triumphant in his manner.
I must have been the only one that heard it on the sidelines. Sure made me howl.
I rode home thinking about what you’ve got to do to get to the top. To win. Bottom line. Train hard.
No pain, no gain…


Duane "Chaos" Nickull said...

Well said. There are so many times in my professional cycling career when I wanted to quite. When the others want to quite is the best time to be strong and attack.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Got that right! Thanks for reading Duane!!