Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Body is Home

The roof I have over my head isn’t my home. My body is.
With it I breathe, smell, feel, touch, laugh, cry, hear, sing and taste.
Inner peace is in the soul. Deep inside. Soothing and warm. Friendly at all times. Loving and free,
Nourishment is survival. Air. Leafy greens, proteins, fruits. Water.
When things are injured - the body repairs. With help. Careful intake of the appropriate elements.
But toxins surround. In the environment, tangled in food and even our water.
It copes. Mechanisms inside adapt.
Or it is allowed to build up. Blackness may appear. Cancer or other diseases take root.
It’s the mind that directs. Stress plays. Diminishes the senses. Stuns the sustenance.
Hard for some to let it go. To free oneself.
Time marches on. The body ages. Years pass. It shrinks. We accept.
The body it’s our home.
Five weeks today I fell off my road bike and fractured by pelvis in two places and my clavicle.
Today I am so grateful for my healing.
Each day my body is getting stronger.
My body, my temple – my home.

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