Friday, 24 June 2011

Muffin Tops

Best name I’ve heard yet for the fat that forms above the hips.
Had a big scare when I made it into the gym this week. My how they grow when you aren’t exercising.
Very sad. I am missing sweating and raising my heart rate. Most of all, riding in a pack with the TripleShot Pre-Dawn Cycling Destination Club.
An avid cyclist I know who consistently wins or places in the top three had the best advise for me.
He talked about Lance Armstrong. How when he was so sick his body and muscles went down to nothing. Yet, when he came back – he bounced back. Working it all the right ways.
I formalize in my mind how I can heal from old injuries during this time. To come back stronger.
From what I’ve been reading on various blogs with regards to pelvic fractures, it will be some time before I can run again. The range of motion with the clavicle fracture is good. But working it is testy. (See Broken Wings.)
Yet the recumbent bicycle beckons!
I tested 20 minutes after a little stretching and crunches. Only to suffer the afternoon with some pain-killers.
But I’m learning. What the body wants. What the body can take.
Ice cream (emotional/sympathy soothers) and growing muffin tops!

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