Saturday, 18 June 2011

Book the Social Time

Doctor’s orders.
“Make sure to be social,” she said with a teacher like scorn look on her face.
My healing is slow. Especially since it’s my pelvis. The clavicle is happy. Moving about. Lots more range.
Thursday I went to physiotherapy and the therapist did a manipulation on the soft tissues in different places. Clearly damaged.
Since Friday afternoon I’ve been walking pretty crooked. More pain - different places. It’s traveled into my back.
Two days ago I figured I’d be getting rid of the cane within a week. Here’s still hoping – but I can’t say I’m thinking it.
If ever I get asked how I am I say it how it is. Yet when I’m told I’m going slower then I was, like today. My request is for sympathy. Sympathy hugs!
Totally open for sympathy hugs. Anytime, anywhere.
Same for coffee. Someone wants to go for coffee. I’m in. Take me.
Gotta get out. Be about. Keep moving. No time for pity.
Although I’m allowed to fall to pieces. Felt today like I did. Only to be reminded.
Most important part for all aspects of healing.
Keep thy spirits up. 
Book the social time.

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