Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tag Them AND Shame Them

The mass excites of riots that ensued after the Stanley Cup final game play last night, which saw our home team the Vancouver Canucks loose - won’t get cleaned up anytime soon.
In absolute horror I watched as station after station broadcast live the so-called action.
It is beyond understanding how these young adults who have so much thought it OK to violently attack other people’s property in hell-bent destruction. Even looting.
Shame on them.
I watched the end of the game last night. Made a few family calls in reflection. Then tuned into a movie, which was disrupted by the live broadcasts.
Utter disbelief had me flicking from channel to channel till late into the night. This can’t be happening. This is Vancouver. Home of Vancouver 2010. Not Lebannon or Egypt.
There’s no reason for this horror. It shows absolute disrespect, not only for Vancouver – but for the sad souls celebrating in it.
Shame on them again.
Why? I wake up this morning. Was it all a bad dream? How can this be?
I shutter to calculate the cost to taxpayers, let alone businesses, the City of Vancouver, Police and Fire Departments, BC Ambulance Service, the Health Authority.
Did Social Media play a part in the action? With the majority posing for photographs and Smart Phones recording their glee?
Absolutely. Fueling the fire.
But today, let’s hope Social Media helps to clean it up and make those who stoked the fires accountable.
Tag them. Shame them. Make them pay.

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