Monday, 6 June 2011

Look at the Good

Never sure at the time when something bad happens or you find yourself not exactly where you want to be, what the reason is.
“Everything happens for a reason, you won’t realize it now but you will later.”
That’s what mum always said.
Gratitude is my key word these days. When I stand up I say it.
“I am so grateful I can stand.”
Walking still hurts. So does sneezing. But progress is being made.
Yet I am reminded. Others are not so lucky.
This tempts me to preach. While so often I don’t, I know I should.
Simply. Think about the good. Don’t focus on the bad.
Eliminate the negatives. Cultivate the positives.
Like the tomato ripening on it’s vine. Water it daily and it will grow. Through your nourishment.
Stop asking the why.
Think about the now.
What is beautiful in today?
I can see the sunshine. Smell the air. Feel the wind. Touch the water. Taste the food. Hear the music.
Time now.
To only look at the good.

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