Monday, 25 July 2011

Allocated Space

It seems what you need takes room. Space.
What if a Tsunami warning was struck? What would you leave your home with?
Certainly not the chandelier.
What you can carry. Maybe in a bag. Water. Maybe food?
Pictures perhaps.
Years ago I heard a funny statement. I’d not been long aboard my ketch. At the time I was helping out in a marine supply store. A fellow got on the conversation of holidays.
At that time I confessed it was sailing.
The chat ended with a laugh.
“You know what they say,” he said. “Sailboat, powerboat, RV, than rest home.”
Thought about that today when helping out dear Uncle Len. The fact that he is moving. To share space with his daughter, for the much needed assistance with the daily duties. 
He's having to leave his home.
To downsize.
In his case, from his RV to my cousin's fifth wheel. Previous to that though, he was on a power boat. He might a skipped the sailboat part.
Today, parting with some things was easy. Others, not so much. To be savoured at some other time. So into a box to storage.
We managed a pick-up truck load to the Thrift store.
More boxes to the fifth wheel.
All the while I mulled. The importance of allocated space.
Do we really need everything that we have?

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