Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Getting Hired

Haven’t had a full-time, long term job since 2009. Been doing what I can here and there. Snippets of contracts and manual labour.
Uganda Wishes.
Been loving the evenings though when I can sit down and do what I really enjoy. 
Writing this blog. 
Whatever comes to mind. Something I heard, saw or did that inspired me to tangle words together. In turn, with the purpose to inspire you in some way.
Can’t imagine a better way to live then by doing what you love.
Like to know how I can make a living at it.
The question has come up often enough. I’ve even asked MISS604.
Turns out most blogs direct traffic to a web site. The source of the income. Whether it be services or books.
Dreaming out loud. Maybe I can publish a book like Seth Godin in an inspirational way that will garner me more readers. Bite the bullet and do the Google AdSense and see what comes…
Maybe set up an e-commerce side to my web site (the domain name is there) and put my poetry and photographs together and sell them.
I often receive favourable feedback from readers. Mostly through Facebook and Twitter.
Today I updated my LinkedIn profile. The scattered past. Full of this and that.
Thought of a song my dad used to sing out loud.
“What’s it all about, Alfie?”
Getting hired.
What is it all about?

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