Saturday, 16 July 2011

Beautiful Moments

She pounced when I rolled over. Her soft fur in comfort. Draped across my chest. I didn’t hear the purring.
I ambled up the stairs to the soft hue of morning light draping the fresh lightly lemon coloured walls.
The vista of mountains in front spoke to me.
Be at peace.
I am.
Here in Squamish.
“Did you want to go to the farmer’s market?” Tamsin said.
No question.
The drizzle didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits.
I kept thinking to myself. 
I truly love being here.
The puddle spoke to the young child without the gumboots. Settled herself into the middle of it. No one minded.
Then the music started. A teenager singing. Out of nowhere a troup of young musical students rang out some Broadway dance with song.
A gluten free cinnamon bun with a delightful coffee in a completely recyclable top and bottom.
Later a Tarot card reading. My first.
Affirmations. What the Universe is telling me.
I am being guided.
In the now. It’s all right. Accept. The future is beautiful.
I am here.
Back at Tamsin’s in front of me the book, Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.
Here’s to now.
Here’s to knowing.
Here’s to seeing.
Here’s to recognizing.
In life, there is song.
In life, there are so many.
Beautiful moments.

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