Friday, 15 July 2011

Rest and Relaxation?

Never was one for lying around on a beach. Holidays for me need to incorporate activity. Exercise. Sweat.
Turns out this year I’m doomed.
No chance for holidays.
But when I heard some peeps were heading to Crankworx at Whistler I rang.
I’m in.
What’s better then watching other people? Especially on bikes.
Only been a few years since I hung. It’s always a blast.
First year witnessing Crankworx the live music in the plaza was K’NAAN. Before the spread of “Waving Flag” and the FIFA World Cup. Turns out he’s live again tonight!
Synonymous with gravity shows is the music and the video scene.
I’m stoked to be able to dial in this year.
It’s a spectator sport! Filled with eye candy.
Rest and relaxation?
What’s that?!

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