Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Who I Am

Personal branding. It comes up time and time again. Especially when you’re on the look out for the next dream job.
Like me.
This morning I hit up a free one hour Webinar: “Keys to a Successful Job Search” by Get Hired Boot Camp.
Besides the discussion around marketing your potential, not your past (a really good reminder) - I took away the true test.
How to answer the question: Tell me about yourself?
In simple, succinct words – the advice was to answer with a story.
I’ve developed a few stories over the years. Obviously they keep changing.
Here’s my latest draft:

Five out of seven days a week I write a blog based around whatever life dishes out that day.
It may be something I’ve experienced, saw in the news or something someone says. I try to use words and pictures to inspire people.
Years ago I studied photojournalism because I wanted to make a difference in the world. The media I saw as the vehicle.
I started in print (tourism publications and community newspapers) then moved into television, later producing community events.
With the evolution of media gone digital and mostly viral, here’s where I’ve landed.
Today I’m looking to activate a team of trend spotters and change makers to work with me to produce television, film and digital projects to take action for what the world needs today. 
Action takers. Resourceful. Creative. And smart.

When I spat out my story to a pal today, along with a few of my percolating ideas I received great feedback.
Made me feel good. 
Made me realize too.
I do know who I am.
Do you?


Angela Hemming said...

Great post! How does this boil down to an 'elevator speech'?

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thanks for reading!
It's the same...