Monday, 11 July 2011

Eating for “O”

Thought I was original. Turns out really I’m old, and very common.
When it comes to my blood type that is.
It was through the Canadian Blood Services outreach program at Jumpship in the Inner Harbour that I discovered it.
That I’m O+ that is. For Canadians, the most common blood type amongst us. And did you know... For every one time you donate blood YOU can save up to THREE people's lives?
Turns out there’s been some research into diet and your blood type. What your blood needs. What's good, what's not.
This turned my head.
I’m good for meat!
Bad for dairy.
Happy for walnuts!
Poisoned by wheat.
Death by coffee or black tea.
But good for figs!
So I tried it. I took the challenge.
Walnuts, pumpkins seeds and figs for breakfast – MEDICINE!
Salads and some kind of meat with some nuts for lunch – MEDICINE!
Rice cakes with tahini and jelly for snacks - NEUTRAL.
Buffalo, onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, tumeric, sea salt, kale and broccoli all steamed together for dinner – YUMMY MEDICINE!
Wowzer I have good energy. It’s been just over a week. I had to wean myself off of bad habits, like coffee first thing and eliminate the fruits and produce that I don’t need - such as oranges and potatoes.
Here’s the cool thing. I’m eating healthy. I’m still healing from my accident May 22 with each day getting better and better, but truly - “Eating for O!” is the way to go!
Those muffin tops – they’re shrinking!
I can treat myself to something sweet. Which I do.
There’s neutrals which you can consume.
But here’s the thing. Every time I open my mouth to eat something I have to ask myself: “Is this medicine, neutral or poison?”
Just to be sure.
Happy to say, I’m doing real good “Eating for O!”

Author's note: It's my intention to regularly donate blood. However, I was informed because of my trip to Africa last fall I have to wait one full year before I am eligible to donate because of the threat of Malaria which may or may not be dormant but in my system. 

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