Saturday, 30 July 2011

Muscles Remember

Ten weeks of inactivity = MUFFIN TOPS!
Ten weeks later I’m back on my roady!
As I rolled out of the marina I saw a few of my neighbours.
“Back on the bike hey,” he said.
I admitted I was scared getting back on.
Surprisingly the legs felt strong. Given the pelvic injury (see post) the core is still working it’s way back. Shoulder is going to take some time.
I cut myself some slack and set out for an hour. Passed my fave Saturday morning cycling gang. Arm in the air I was so proud.
“First roady!” I proclaimed as they rolled by.
The first raise of the heart rate up the seaside slopes. I felt the old familiar taste of salt. I was in heaven.
All along I kept saying to myself how grateful I am to have my health. How grateful I am to be able to ride. How grateful I am for where I live.
Perhaps the most pleasant surprise upon my return to the bike shop for a social was seeing my son. He being the one I called first when I went down. I remember it like it was yesterday.
“Kyle, I went down really hard on my bike, you need to come and get my bike NOW!”
So I had him snap me a new picture. The lb’s are up. But the spirit is back.
And thank goodness.
The muscles remember!


Raymond Parker said...


Glad to hear you're back up and at 'em.

Alison said...

Awesome - congrats! In time to enjoy the sunny riding weather!